When we look at what happened in Genesis with the building of the tower of Babel, there was great power available to people because they had the unity which came from having one language. That unity was countered by God by creating many languages. In the Book of Acts we see the Holy Spirit bringing unity by giving the gift of tongues to the Church. Tongues can be towards being interpreted, speaking mysteries to God or declaring the wonders of God to someone in that person’s own language, which language is unknown to the speaker. Language defines a culture, it can be developed, interpreted, and be used to exhort or express an emotion. It is the same with the heavenly language. It is important to speak in tongues, because God wants the Church to have the power locked up in this gift. To receive this gift takes getting out of your mind, using faith, and allowing God to grow it. Speaking and singing in tongues is speaking to God, strengthening or edifying yourself, building faith and praying God’s solutions. During a church service, messages in tongues (through two or three persons) need to be interpreted to build up and uplift the Church. Don’t rob yourself of this powerful gift, and in every circumstance, default to praying in the Spirit.