Revelation 5 talks about a book or scroll which is written within and without and sealed with seven seals. The Lamb, having being slain was worthy to open this book. The moment Jesus died on the cross; the scroll began to be opened. Jesus said that it had been written about him in the volume of the book, which means that Jesus is written about throughout the whole Bible and to understand the ministry of Jesus as well as the book of Revelation (which is a revelation of Jesus Christ) one need to read the whole Bible. The Bible has two Testaments, containing 66 books, written in 3 basic languages (Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic), by different writers from all walks of life, all inspired by the Holy Spirit. Every book mentioned, but not included in the Bible, was not inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is where heaven and earth meet because it is an expression of God’s will, desire and character. The first 5 books, the Pentateuch, were written by Moses through revelation given to him by God. It consists out of the Book of Beginnings, the Book of the Generation of Adam, the Book of Memorial, the Book of Wars and the Book of the Law. The Pentateuch is followed by the chronicles of the Kings, the Book of Psalms and the Books of the Prophets. Jesus said that all the books of the Old Testament were fulfilled in Him. With the exception of the books written by John, the New Testament was written over a period of 40 years, a time of testing, judgment and a time to end or establish a generation. Jesus came like a thief in the night to Israel at their time of gross darkness. This was the beginning of the end of the Kingdom of Israel and the Law and the beginning of the Kingdom of God and of his Christ. The old had to pass away in order for the new to be established on the earth. John did not write about the law, condemnation and fighting the devil but he wrote about the God of love, the glorious Son of God and the Kingdom of light, and his writings culminate in the Book of Revelation, which was all about what Jesus had accomplished on the cross. This was all written about by Daniel – the destruction of every other Kingdom, the establishing of God’s Kingdom and authority in and through His saints, judgment being made in favour of the saints, and then he is told to seal it up until the time of the end. This end was the end of the Jewish religious system – when Jesus came. Through Jesus’ death on the cross we have authority over all realms, our names are written in the book of live, in heaven, in the palms of God’s hands, a glorious, victorious Church – open books.