Looking at the dreams and prophecies in the Book of Daniel, it was all about what was going to happen to Daniel’s people, in other words, Israel – it had nothing to do with our day. The covenant being broken is referring to when Jesus died and the covenant God had with Israel was broken – His death was God’s release from His marriage to Israel, as well as the start of Israel’s judgment. Isaiah prophesied to Israel that their end had been determined by their beginning. Throughout the Old Testament God continuously warns Israel to amend their crooked and perverse ways – especially as was prophesied in the Song of Moses, where Israel’s end (although God had faithfully loved and cherished them) was predicted, should they fail to heed to God’s warnings. Deuteronomy 29:29 says that the secret things belong unto God, but the revealed things belong to us. When we look at the book in the right hand of God in Revelation 5 it was sealed, a secret. God had at first openly showed all the blessings and secret revelation which He had purposed to be Israel’s portion, but they refused to listen and it became sealed up, a mystery. God took His glorious mysteries back unto himself and kept it for a people that would see and understand. That is why Paul says in II Corinthians that as long as Moses is read, there is a veil. Jesus was the book which was sealed, spoken of in Daniel. By dying on the cross, He was opened, the mystery revealed. We are in Christ, and thus in that book. All of creation is groaning for its redemption which is in the final revelation – us being revealed in full sonship, because from the time of the fall, creation had been subject to frustration and vanity, but under a condition for hope. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom in parables, because the religious leaders of Israel were not willing to see and understand, although God graciously gave them multiple chances to repent. Jesus opened up the mysteries of God and the Spirit revealed it unto us and thus it became revelation. The scroll opening was the final judgment upon Israel and also the removal of the old religious system because Israel had forgotten the person and worshiped the form, even as it continues up until today. Let us accept the whole council of God in order to grow in Him and the understanding of His mysteries.