In the Book of Daniel there is a description of how judgment was set and the books were opened. God judged the nations symbolised by the beasts and statue unto destruction, and the everlasting kingdom was given to the Saints of the Most High. Revelation talks about ‘books’ and ‘a book’. The ‘book’ is the book of life or the Lamb’s book of life and remembrance wherein there is an indelible record written in Jesus’ blood of the name of everyone who has accepted Jesus as Saviour. These names have been cancelled and removed from the ‘books’. This book of Life is mentioned a number of times in the Bible. There is a number of a hundred and forty four thousand being sealed mentioned in Revelation – this represents the whole of the Church, old and new. They are sealed on their foreheads and right hands with the Father’s name for them, which is ‘Son’. They are the Body of Christ. Where there is judgment upon peoples’ works mentioned in the Book of Revelation, it is talking about the dead whose names are written in the ‘books’. This is another group of people, those who are without Christ, natural men, without the Spirit, empowered by the system of the beast. They are marked, their names are written in the ‘books’ and they are awaiting judgment for their works before the great white throne. This body of people is called the anti-Christ. Revelation 13 talks about a beast coming up out of the earth causing everyone to have a mark upon them. The earth here is referring to Rome combined with the religious system of Israel. The number 666 refers to a natural person, the evil trinity (the devil, the beast and the false prophet – Israel, whoring with Rome). We are sealed with the name Son upon us, which locks up God’s promise within us, authenticating us and also talking about an element of mystery. We are sealed with the Spirit of Promise until the day of full redemption. All of creation is looking and travailing for the unsealing, the full redemption, the unsealed glory of God’s Sons and Daughters