The character of God is unity. There is coming a day when Jesus will be king over all of the earth, a kingdom of unity. When God created man from dust, He placed his image and likeness in him, but the first sin which man committed was trying to grab a hold of being equal with God by eating from the forbidden tree. Jesus was sent by God in the form of a man to be our Savior, the light of the word. Though born as a man in the form of God, He did not grab a hold of equality with God, but letting that go, He became a servant. Now that Jesus has been in a fleshly body such as we have and having put us in unity with the Father again by the cross, He has gone before us to prepare a place for us. This place is equality with God, but now through the right door, Jesus himself – this is what we are looking and reaching for. But, until then, let us follow our calling unto unity, loving God with everything in us and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Through Jesus we are all brethren. We are the generation who are to shine even brighter in this world than what He did.