We need to have a fresh desire to exercise the prophetic, which is a powerful, vital, important and relevant gift in the Body of Christ. The prophetic gift should be used to uplift, strengthen, encourage and comfort. To operate in this gift it is essential to walk in the Spirit and one’s motive for ministering prophetically should be one of love for the people. A prophetic word often serves as a confirmation of that which God has already spoken to the recipient of the prophecy. It also is a timely and directional word where God is foretelling, encouraging and inspiring someone towards fulfilling their destiny. There are various ways of receiving a prophetic word to minister to someone. For example, welling up from your innermost being you may see pictures, hear your own voice inside encouraging someone, have a specific scripture coming alive or a person being laid on your heart for prayer and encouragement. You may also experience someone being highlighted to you by the Holy Spirit. To grow in the gift, it requires faith, obedience and constantly exercising it. It is important to minister prophetically with a loving kind spirit in order to portray the heart of God correctly to the person being ministered to. When prophecy is not received in a positive way, it is good to stay objective and prayerfully trust in the Holy Spirit‘s leading on how to proceed and not allow this to discourage your further growth in the gift. The prayer life, walk with God and character of anyone ministering prophetically is of extreme importance. Prophecy is often preceded by a word of knowledge to help the person being ministered to, to believe that the word is in fact coming from the heart of God. Unfulfilled prophesies which have been discerned as having truly came from the Lord, should be contended for with faith and prayer, not put on the shelf and forgotten. There is a difference between the gift of prophecy, which everyone can walk in, and the ministry of a prophet. Prophets should not be put on pedestals, they are simply human vessels of God – support and pray for them. In the case of when there is a monetary pre-requisite from a prophet before a prophecy is given – do not go for it that is not how God operates.