The Bible differentiates between the flesh and the spirit. Old Testament living was very much in the flesh, but born-again believers, having the Spirit of Christ (or the image and likeness of God) inside of them, can live in the spirit. The likeness of God inside of us is His righteousness, His love. Walking in the Spirit and being led by Him, means that you have to fill your mind with the truth of the Word which will enable you to know His will. You also need to be conscious of- and prepared to acknowledge that His will takes precedence over yours. Walking in the Spirit means that you need to walk with a constant awareness that the Holy Spirit is walking with you. He is helping you in the process of your transformation through unutterable groans and tongues when you pray. He is leading you into all truth to a place where the fruit of the Spirit is manifested in you – this is the Spirit’s greatest priority. We are led by the Spirit to victory over certain characteristics of brokenness inside us. It is a lifestyle of transformation, where you will get numerous opportunities towards change. As many as are led out of their old broken way of living, into manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, are called the Sons of God. We are being led by the Spirit through the powerful hope which is put inside of us, i.e. that we will become a reflection of Jesus. God has created us and filled us with the spirit of adoption, lovingly working in us with the end-product in mind, which is us manifesting the fruit of the Spirit – a reflection of Jesus