There is nothing that takes God by surprise. Before He does anything, it is preceded by intense preparation. Before the creation of man, God prepared the earth with the resources to sustain life. He also prepared the heavens or spiritual realm to be one with the earth. After the fall of man, God said that the seed of Adam would crush the head of Satan and He has been preparing this seed throughout history. From the beginning, there has always been and will always be enmity between the seed of the devil or serpent and the seed of God and although there may be a bruising to our heels as we stomp on him, we will always have the victory. Just the entrance of Jesus into this world spelled the destruction of Satan – how much more, now that He is ruling and reigning on earth in and through us. After the flood, Noah first released a raven, symbolic of flesh, and then a dove, symbolic of the spirit. When the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove, it was God finding a dwelling place with man – heaven on earth. Jesus had a body that was prepared to do the will of God. Jesus went and prepared for us a place in the Father, He prepared for us to be part of a Body, as well as a garden, as we are His planting. We are part of a city, a Bride. A new heaven and earth have been prepared for the righteous. We are vessels of honour and God has perfectly prepared and equipped us for our life and good works. He has got us in his hands; He is in perfect control of our lives.