Although God had spoken creation into being, there is a very real aspect in which God spoke with His hands. God formed Adam with His hands, breathed His spirit into Adam, and thereby got intimately involved with His creation. Throughout the Book of Psalms, David refers to the work of God’s hands. Every human being has been formed by the hand of God – wonderfully, fearfully and specifically towards the purpose that we have in life. He will not forsake the perfection or fulfillment of the work which He had begun when He created us. God created nations, seasons, circumstances and events – for instance, He formed Israel to be a praise unto Him and He was intimately involved in the growth of Israel. The birth of Jesus was God’s last attempt to hold out His right hand (Jesus) towards wayward Israel and heal them from their religious cripple-mindedness. When they would not change, God’s hand turned against them. Jesus was the hand of God resting upon His little ones and He came to bring to fulfillment the prophecy of Isaiah, which was to take out the old and bring forth a new thing, a generation of Sons of God. God says through the prophet to ask of Him as well as to command Him in things concerning His sons. We are engraved and kept in God’s hand – we are irrevocably the recipients of the blessings and provision flowing from His right hand. Not only that, but we are now the hands of God stretched forth towards a dying world.