Nothing in scripture is recorded by happenstance. Everything written down is inspired by the Holy Spirit and it is there for a reason. Centuries before the birth of Jesus Balaam prophesied the star which was to be seen in Bethlehem. In the time of Daniel, the magi or wise men were taught by Daniel about the coming Christ and they could accordingly work out the time when He would come. They saw the scripture in the book of Isaiah about kings coming to the light of His dawning and that was why they eventually went to Bethlehem to welcome- and bring gifts to Jesus. They were wise gentiles, who feared God and their actions were prophetic and symbolic of the fact that the gentiles would join Israel in the kingdom of God. The gifts brought by the magi, which gifts were brought in the absolute correct timing of God, was the provision needed for Joseph, Mary and Jesus to live in Egypt for three years. The gifts were symbolic, gold because Jesus was a king, frankincense symbolizing the priestly ministry of Jesus and myrrh speaking of Jesus being anointed to be the prophet of God. God has got a plan for our lives and we are to only keep walking with Him in wisdom in the new year, serving Him with our time, talents, treasures and testimony to see this come to pass. Whatever He calls us to do, He will make provision for and our part is to believe that the glory of the Lord has risen upon us and stay in the glory because that will attract the wise that are searching for God.