Like in the days of Daniel and his friends, there is a generation coming who will not bow its knees to the spirit of the world but will stay true to God. Daniel’s prophecies are some of the clearest in the Old Testament. He prophesied the rock (God’s kingdom) which would demolish the statue (depicting the worldly governments). The accuracy of these prophesies proves that there is a God in charge who is with us and communicates with us. We are part of His kingdom which is increasing and filling the whole earth. Since the time of the fall in Genesis it could be clearly seen that natural man is not inclined to submit to the rulership of God. However, since the time of the fall, every man-made kingdom or government which at first seemed to be to the benefit of man, contained within itself the seeds of its own destruction and eventually imploded. The same is true today. We see a world-wide shaking taking place which is largely self-manufactured because of the refusal to bow to Jesus Christ. But, through all of this God is getting the Church ready. God is increasing His Kingdom and of the increase thereof there will be no end. There is no rapture, tribulation or millennium to come but this shaking is causing an awakening, causing revival in the Church as well as in society because confidence in worldly supporting systems has disappeared. Spiritual slumber is caused by the sin (the flesh), a time of lack or famine, fortune and fear but we are going to wake up and see God’s provision in every situation and not be distracted by fortune or familiarity, casting out all fear. God is telling us to awaken to what He wants to do in 2021. He wants us to awaken to His person, to the truth of the Word, His power and to His purpose – which is His Kingdom.