We have been redeemed to rule and reign on this earth and there is a coming glory that will cover the face of this planet. We need to awaken to the reality of who we are in Christ – a new creation, not beneath, but above, not behind, but ahead, not under- but above circumstances, not cursed, but highly blessed – all through the grace of God. We are of heaven, living on earth. We are being transformed into manifesting an ever-increasing, unending glory and light as we behold the image of God in the face of Christ. We, as the second creation through Jesus, will redeem the first which had been subject to decay. The seven miracles done by Jesus which are listed in the gospel of John are paralleled by that which God did in the first week of creation – confirming the fact that Jesus was establishing a new creation. The eighth miracle (the number eight symbolizing the beginning of something new) was the resurrection of Jesus. The hope to which we have been saved is not a rapture, but the redemption of our bodies, the adoption to full mature sonship, resulting in a glory which is to be revealed through us, covering the whole planet. To be in Christ means that there are no generational curses, because we are a completely new creation, we do not have the nature of Adam, but that of Christ, and we will never be subject to negative judgment. We are His planting, His building, connected with Him and each other; we have full access to God because of His righteousness having been imparted to us. We are to awaken to who we are – sons of God, earthen vessels filled with a glorious treasure, fearfully and wonderfully re-made in Christ Jesus.