God’s promise to us is that we will be awakened to know Him, his truth, power and purpose. In these times it is important to have the right theology in place. The Word of God is our firm foundation during times of fear and confusion in the world. The teaching that the Kingdom of God will be coming at some time in the future or after we die is incorrect, for the Kingdom of God is now, inside of us. Jesus died on the cross to establish the Kingdom and make us part thereof. Jesus was born a king and He preached the Kingdom performing signs, wonders and miracles in confirmation thereof. In receiving the Holy Spirit, we receive the spirit of a king. A King’s position is inherited, he cannot be voted out of power, his word is law and he owns everything. God’s priority is for us to first seek the Kingdom, a kingdom of righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost and we will see everything else we need added when we find it. Religion is a system that produces rules and regulations, but The Kingdom produces a culture where it is normal to read the Word, to pray, to love, to give. To experience the Kingdom of God, we need to be born again, believe God like a child, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to constantly, in every situation, have our priorities straight and be aware that we are kings with the Kingdom of God inside of us and rule over these situations – manifesting and representing the Kingdom, wherever we go.