The Bible talks about three worlds, each of which consisted out of a heaven and an earth. The third world – again with a heaven and an earth – started with the death and resurrection of Jesus, and this is the new heaven and earth spoken of in II Peter 3 (the home of the righteous). In II Corinthians 5:17 Paul calls us new creatures in Christ Jesus. That means that anything inside of us which is not of Christ, belongs to the old and that in that area we are failing to live up to what the Word says about us. We need to be taught the reality of who we are in Christ by the Holy Spirit, in other words, to have our minds renewed. As new, freshly created creatures in Christ after being born again, we have new realities, the first being that we have moved into an abundant, eternal, God-kind of life right here, right now, ruling and reigning in this world through it. Our second reality is that the only nature we now have is one that is new, sinless and divine. Thirdly, we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit of Christ and God, who is making us holy, unlimited, creative, powerful, unique and distinctive. The fourth reality is that God has given us the potential of having another mind, which is the mind of Christ, the unlimited genius of God, enabling us to know all things, for instance, who we are in Christ, or having divine ideas about new inventions. The fifth reality is that, even as God formed Adam with his hands, we have also been lovingly newly formed by God himself and that He had sent his beloved only Son to die for us in order to accomplish this – He loves us so totally. The sixth reality is that we have total authority in heaven and on earth. The seventh reality is that we have become God’s dwelling place and are totally and completely blessed and loved by God.