Words contain a powerful energy. Words are so powerful that information technology is built around it. In Genesis, there is a portrayal of the relationship between God and the Spirit. When God spoke, the work of the Holy Spirit was to manifest that which was spoken. In the life of Christ Jesus, the power of the spoken word brought life to a corpse and created wine out of water. God watches over his word, to perform it. On the other hand, when the enemy places people under pressure, he is waiting for them to speak negative words, empowering him to perform them. We should submit our emotions, which are often the source of our words, to the Holy Spirit. The enemy attacks the integrity of the Word of God by saying ”did God say?” but we should abide by the supreme and elevated Word of God and not stop believing that which He has spoken. Our spiritual state i.e., whether we are babies, young men, or fathers, is measured by our words. We are enabled to wage war with the prophetic words over our lives. The enemy does not attack our faith, but the information or words which generate that faith to try and stop us from reaching our destiny. If we do not diligently speak the word of God but rather listen to the enemy, we are candidates for failure. Even when circumstances are contrary to God’s word in our lives, we should cherish His word and keep saying “be it to me according to your word”. God loves his uncompromising, exalted word and anyone who cherishes his word becomes very close to him.