Life and death are controlled by the tongue, through positive judgment and prayer. By raising our words or prayer up to God, we can change things. We have a hope for an inheritance inside, through having accepted Christ. Christ was put in a position of eternal, total authority, towards the benefit of the Church. We need to tap into this benefit in this life, since we are Christ’s Body, a part of Him. The key is to speak out, because as long as we are keeping silent, we are still acting like children, although we are heirs. We are to stand in our position of having all power and authority and use words to fight and defend our every moral and ethical value as well as our dreams, not allowing the enemy to incrementally undermine them, neither should we allow any additions to be made to the gospel which detracts from the simplicity thereof. Keeping silent spells death. We are to call out from the word and anointing within us, or go to someone else who has an anointed word for you and put a demand upon the storehouse which is there for us, to fulfill our every need.