The death of Jesus on the cross would have been pointless if He had not risen from the dead. He was the first person to lay down His life and thereafter take up a powerful eternal resurrected life. We are the crown of God’s creation, having this same powerful resurrection life inside, which life we are living unto God. This life is victorious, overcoming, prosperous, successful, healthy, blessed, meaningful and productive. This resurrection life must also apply to our daily living. God does not want us to be living or just existing, but to be revived. It is easy to live a self-centered life but we have the power to lay down our lives in obedient service to the Lord, unselfishly loving others, and thereby experience the honour and glory of God in our lives. We are called to be part of a body, not selfish isolationists, but truly caring for each other more than ourselves – thus finding our souls. Our example is Jesus who loved us more than himself. The way to disciple people is to train them through life-on-life transfer. When you have gone through a time of trial which had caused you to cut yourself off from God and a life of service to others, the resurrection life inside also gives you the power to take your life up afresh. In order to do this, you need to avoid living your life on sorrows and memories instead of vision and keep a vital, strong and fresh mindset, despite your age. How to live again requires you to: remember the service which you loved providing to others and do it again, reconnect with your dreams and dream big, expand yourself out of your comfort zone, become quiet listen and pay attention to God’s voice, remember that because Christ dwells within you have the power to be, do and have anything which you set your heart to, and be honest at difficult times and ask for help.