To see God’s will and purpose for each one of us be fulfilled, we need to keep the vision that we have for our lives fresh. This will give us a sense of destiny and hope. Everything we go through in life is part of the preparation to fulfill our destiny. On our way to the fulfillment of our destiny, we receive spiritual revelations, all of which have a practical application. Revelation is a realization that translates into a lifestyle wherein we manifest the personality of Jesus, which is love or the fruit of the Spirit. All of this is realized through the power of God within us. The measure to which your prayers are answered is directly related to the measure of the manifested power of God in you. Receiving more than what you could ask, think or imagine is not something experienced by a fleshly carnal believer who is not obeying God’s principles or getting in line with God’s will. We have got divinely powerful weapons and authority inside to bring the arguments, pretensions, self-justification, and dishonesty of our own minds under control and demolish these strongholds so that we can synchronize ourselves to the truth of the Holy Spirit’s conviction. We have the authority to have a mind focused on who we are in Christ – this is the mind of Christ. The ways in which we open up to the old man and thus lose connection with the residential power inside and derail the development of ourselves (the vessel) towards our destiny are: guilt about the past, low self-esteem, grumbling and complaining, holding on to unforgiveness, toxic attitudes, fear of rejection, self-justification, and fear of failure. To revert back to the power inside when one has reacted and given in to the old man, you need to have a mirror moment with Christ and commit to being in control of your life and reactions, give yourself a neutral moment in other words, step back and observe yourself and question your reaction, get the truth about the situation and decide what the result of your reaction will be, what Jesus would think about it and lastly, what people observing your reaction would learn about you. We need to work out our awesome salvation unto the fulness of Christ with fear and trembling.