A worldwide revival is coming, which will bring a great harvest into the Kingdom of God. When we were unsaved, we were unspiritual and under the wrath of God but when we were born again it came about by the Holy Spirit overshadowing us and Christ being birthed within us. We need to be revived unto this truth through visitations from God. We need to be prepared and positioned for a visitation. In times of visitations from God, supernatural things happen, breakthroughs, and everything else becomes easier, our spirits are preserved and revived. At these times we also experience the shalom of God – miracles, joy, deliverance; divine help and provision, rich abundant overflow, restoration, healing, and fulfillment of seemingly impossible prophetic words. We also experience sanctification, seasons are shifted, new things are brought to birth and Jesus gets the glory. Without God and the things of the Spirit, our souls will incline towards earthiness, naturalness. God knows this because He is mindful of us and He sends Jesus (our breaker) to visit us and to revive the fire of the Spirit in us. We can have a visitation from God at any time we desire it. To experience such a visitation, we must use the keys of having strong expectancy; spend time in the Word, and exercising faith activities like getting personal with God. It is important to have a hunger and thirst for God – to seek Him before you get to a place of total desperation, and get into His presence with prayer and fasting, glorifying and praising Him and obeying the promptings of the Spirit unto prayer. Getting into- and devouring the Word is another key to experiencing a visitation from God, as well as prophesying the word of the Lord. These are all the ways of the Spirit. Until Christ finally appears, we will keep on needing and having times of refreshing.