The ascension of Jesus features very strongly in the New Testament teachings because it has direct application to every believer. Jesus’ ascension is the proof of his victory. As far as Jesus’ ministry is concerned, He is seated in a heavenly place of honour, power, happiness, rest, and permanence, his work of salvation having been accomplished, although the work of sanctification is still ongoing through Him being our High Priest. He has been highly exalted unto the throne (heavenly realm) because of His obedience unto the Father and the same is true of us because we are in a mystical union with Jesus, having been raised up together with Him. The Throne is the power behind us. We have all authority and the mind of Christ about our position because of this union. As far as God is concerned, this has already happened, but to us, it is a process of growing into it through our obedience, humility, and submission unto Christ. We are citizens of heaven, ambassadors from there to earth. Our meditation, realization, and revelation need to be that we are seated in the heavenlies and we need to teach our brains to understand that we literally and spiritually occupy a place on the right hand of the Father where Jesus is. This is a place of privilege, power, and authority, and we operate from there – looking at our problems from above and not below. When we speak and decree according to God’s Word and promises, we see it go forth swiftly.