We are living in exciting times, for we are living in the day of the Spirit. Because we have received the gift of the third person in the trinity dwelling inside of us, we are exceptionally, supernaturally, unlimitedly powerful beings. The Holy Spirit was shed forth and still is today, which means that He greedily gushes forth to satisfy the fierce hunger of believers reaching for more of Him. We need the manifestations of the Holy Spirit to be seen and heard in our midst. One Spirit-filled believer is all it takes to undo all the work of a city full of satanist. When we go through hard times, we can choose to experience a Holy Spirit visitation and be rejoicing instead of complaining. To prepare for this visitation, we need to line our lives up with what God expects of us and be willing to pay the price, which is being more intensely invested in prayer, the Word, and fasting, and being righteous and devout with an intense hunger and desire for God. We need to be spiritually disciplined and not give in to the domination of the soul-flesh. It is important to heed to the Spirit’s conviction and respond with repentance. There is great power in godliness, and there will be no visitation where there is compromise and the delusion of soul-dominance. God wants to move, but He needs us to co-operate with Him and to not compromise on our adherence to the word. A visitation of the Spirit preserves one’s entire being and enables us to be effective in our ministry to the world.