Each one of us has been enabled through the Holy Spirit to bring revival to a whole city, but we need to have the person of the Holy Spirit as a high priority in our lives. We need to be conscious of-, develop a relationship with-, speak about-, move in- and do what the Holy Spirit instructs us to do. God wants to visit us, but we need to move away from being susceptible to consumerism or an attitude of escapism and once again become prepared to live a life of sacrifice and progressively grow in living according to God’s specifications. He wants to increase us where we are, in order for everything and everyone around us to also be prosperous. To be positioned for visitation it is important to obey God and His Word, ignore every message that is contrary to the will and purpose of God, live the way which God wants you to, be encouragers where God has placed us in society, be people of prayer – saturating ourselves and the area around us in prayer, and we need to get ready to ride the big wave. We need to live intentionally and take the appropriate action to see God move in our midst – there has to be more!