Every human is born with folly in their hearts with the attitude of a child, but often this seed has come to maturity in adults, resulting in people lacking in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The grace of God is free and undeserved, but favour is earned. God’s favour is attracted by our growth in the wisdom of God. Jesus grew in wisdom through His obedience. Wisdom is seeking God and gaining knowledge about Him. Knowledge consists of facts and information but we need to have understanding added thereto enabling us to implement the knowledge, and that is wisdom. We cannot live as reckless fools without thinking about the consequences of our actions. Let us get rid of the folly of independence in our hearts, the unrighteous, rebellious, lustful, proud, and sinful flesh-nature and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The knowledge of Christ and a relationship with Him comes through the Spirit and knowing God’s will as portrayed throughout the whole Bible. We gain wisdom through the fear of the Lord, doing His commandments, living a life worthy of the Lord, and pleasing Him in every way while submitting to the process which we go through to get delivered of the folly in our hearts. To be a spiritual person is to live a righteous life. According to the Bible, God is present in the presence of the righteous and so we need to press into this gaining of wisdom because we want a visitation from God. We want revival, but it requires wise, righteous living.