Trials should have a response of pure joy in us because we envision the eventual outcome, which is that we will experience the glory of having our faith and characters tested, purified, and complete. God is allowing us to face hard times as a way to prepare, train, teach and disciple us to live, increase, enter and possess. This means that He loves us and is treating us as sons. He is bringing us to a good place within ourselves where, in the end, we will be stronger, more mature, and complete, lacking nothing. It is essential that we do not grow weary and lose heart or become resentful, but rather stay in God’s word and presence, and re-visit our prophetic promises. Persevering in pushing through the enemy’s resistance produces the godly character of faith, hope, and love in us. Everything which God places inside of us gets tested until it becomes an established part of us. To go through a trial and have a successful outcome, the keys to use are: forgiveness, staying positive, praying for wisdom, learn the lessons which God is teaching you from these difficult times, make the necessary changes, count your blessings, be grateful, focus on what you can control and don’t waste energy on what you cannot, reflect on your personal growth, get out of self-centeredness while you keep reaching out to empathise with- and bless others and take care of yourself, by alleviating your physical stress levels in some or other way. Let us turn our negative energy into praying in the Spirit, for He prays God’s will for us.