Trials that we go through is not a sign of God’s anger, disappointment, or judgment but rather a sign of His confidence in us as his sons, to overcome and end up refined by the process, while our faith grows and remains steadfast in God’s sovereignty and goodness towards us. In order to keep the right perspective during these times, it is imperative to have a vigorous, focused prayer life instead of spending energy on stress and worry. Daniel’s model of praying can be taken as a pattern on how to pray in these times. His prayer included confession of sin, repentance, petition, and proclamation of prophecies, promises, and scripture. His prayers were totally God-centered and in accordance with God’s character, reminding God of his goodness, grace, compassion, and love whilst asking for mercy towards Israel. Daniel also prayed for bigger than that which he wanted God to accomplish. Focusing on- and praying for the fulfillment of the prophecies over our lives regarding our future brings our present adverse circumstances into a depth of field or perspective, even as we see God did for the prophet Daniel when He showed Daniel what was going to happen in the future. We need to have a default response of prayer at all times. If we would be willing to pray, we will get insight and understanding; and see angels act, and act swiftly. A place of prayer is a place of presence and a place of power. An everlasting kingdom has been conferred upon us which needs to be established on earth and we have incredible power and authority over all the affairs on the earth through our fervent prayers. Remaining faithful in all things and especially in prayer, results in us eventually being exalted by God.