Since everything in our Christian walk is based upon our faith, it is necessary that God refines and purifies this faith so that we can obtain the redemption and salvation of our souls unto the full image of Jesus Christ. Jesus, as our High Priest, is praying for us that our faith will not fail in a time of the enemy’s attacks, because our faith determines an opposite result from that which the enemy intends. Our faith is of the same substance as that thing which we believe for and there are various levels of faith – little faith, great faith, the most holy faith, etc. There are ways to grow and mature your faith in God – do not wait for a crisis to start the process, but constantly feed your faith through reading and absorbing God’s Word whereby the truth concerning His will and character is made known. It is then easy for the Holy Spirit to bring out of the abundance of the Word inside of you a scripture fit for a specific situation. Exercise your faith – it is like a muscle – it has to be constantly exercised by your actions, words, and attitude. Keep confessing your faith, speaking of the things which are not as if they are, and if you cannot speak faith, rather keep silent. Unencumber, unfetter, and free your faith from the negative faith of fear and doubt. Rather make the decision to use that energy to believe the word of a faithful God, being convinced that to Him the impossible is possible. Learn to imitate the faith of others and pray for your faith to be increased, praying and confessing the positive outcome from whatever problem you are facing. Faith never fails to obtain its object – our fearless faith will determine how we overcome it in a time of trial.