There are essential Word-based attributes which we need as a foundation or bedrock of our belief system before we can have a quick-responding and expanding faith. The first thing which we need in our foundation is a correct revelation of who God is, who we are, and a world-view based on God’s perspective. When we understand who God is, that He is totally reliable, unchangeable, truthful and that He deeply loves us, we, in turn, fall hopelessly in love with Him, giving us hope. The more you love God, the easier it is to have faith in him. Thus we have faith, hope and love. What we need to have – especially during a trial – is correct and positive thought processes (a sound and sober mindset) which will have the automatic response of confidence in Him who loves you. The second thing needed in our belief system is the sure knowledge that God is sovereign and in control, working out His purposes – in the world, and with each individual Christian. He is intimately involved with us while simultaneously being sovereign. These two things are held in dynamic tension. This correct belief system brings forth faith. Faith produces optimism, gregariousness, persistent perseverance, balance and psychological wholeness and toughness, creativity, and productivity. It also results in a good, healthy understanding of who you are in Christ Jesus, which then gives you total confidence in every circumstance. Each one of us is significant, has a purpose and destiny, and is part of God’s plan in this, his Kingdom