Time is not only money but also a lot of other things, for instance, spiritual enrichment. At the present time, there is a spiritual enrichment taking place in the Church worldwide, because due to lockdowns everywhere Christians have more time to spend with the Lord. Where Paul talks about redeeming the time in Ephesians 5:16, he uses the same word as that which is used to describe our redemption by Jesus. So, how do we redeem time? How do we get back the time which has been wasted and continue to live productively in order not to waste more time? Firstly, we need to live our lives with wisdom. Paul says we are to walk wisely in times of evil. The wisdom to live and manifest the Christ-life comes from a mature knowledge of God and understanding His will. This is accomplished by absorbing His Word. Instead of fretting and getting into fear or using all kinds of escape mechanisms to handle the evil days in which we are living, rather get filled with the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit and being led by Him results in love, power, and a sound or sober mind. This also has the benefit of you being extremely effective in everything you have to accomplish, thereby redeeming the time. Maintain yourself in the Spirit, and keep being filled by the Spirit through continually proclaiming the Word. Be vigilant in prayer and thanksgiving and walk correctly as a Christian in the presence of those who are not part of the Church. Those who walk and live wisely, gain the favour of God and man, as did Daniel and Joseph. Living in sin is a waste of time, but repentance and turning to God supernaturally redeems that time. God, through His love and grace, is redeeming time for us by restoring that which had been stolen by the enemy.