God has got a purpose, destiny, and mandate for every Christian to live effective and productive lives – thus redeeming time – and for this, we need the grace and favour of both God and man. Grace is a gift, and we all have unique grace gifts or ministries to function as part of the Body of Christ. Grace can also mean extra general blessing or mercy which enables us to do God’s will at times when we do not have the ability to do it. Grace represents the entirety of our salvation. Grace also means favour. Every believer has an equal amount of unmerited grace, but this is not the case with favour. It is possible for a person to increase in favour with God and man like Samuel and Jesus did. Jesus was the embodiment of the favour of God because He was absolutely committed to doing the will of God. The foundation of finding favour with God is to persistently pursue God, accessing His grace and presence, and thereby be a partaker of more grace as well as his nature By doing this we are empowered and changed to become like Jesus. The more we respond to God, the bigger his response of favour will be towards us. We all are already positioned to receive favour from God, and depending on our stewardship, respect, humility, and wise handling of the grace we have already received. this favour will increase Favour with God and man brings promotion and responsibility, added duties, and more difficult challenges plus the empowering blessing to handle it. The enemy hates and fears people on whom the favour of God rests because they are productive, efficient and powerful people.