As we look around at what is happening in the world, it appears as if we are in a state of war. However, we should not allow this to have us withdraw from people and especially from church attendance, thus robbing ourselves from the uplifting fellowship aspect of being part of the Body of Christ. We need to live by- think, operate and talk faith and love instead of the meaningless things being discussed in the world. We are Sons of God, Kings, clothed with the Word of God. Let our speech reflect that which we are clothed with, focusing on Jesus as well as God’s promises. We fight the battle of faith by recalling, voicing and believing the prophecies which we have had spoken over our lives. It is important to give heed to what the Holy Spirit is teaching us about a good conscience in order to keep building up our faith instead of shipwrecking it. Let us not grow tired and give up, but keep going, keep believing God, because in doing so, He will lift us up.