There are too many Christians living only in and by the grace of God and not progressing to where they also experience His favour. God’s favour is conditional. In order to gain God’s favour, we go through a process of growing in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, knowledge giving understanding, understanding evolving in wisdom for life followed by pleasing God. In other words, the more we please God, the more we are favoured by Him. God is pleased by a lifestyle of being faithfully and consistently being obedient to Him. Because of God’s favour we are promoted and with the promotion come additional responsibility plus greater anointing to handle the responsibility. Favour is not favouritism. Favouritism does not get a person to his destiny or maintain that destiny. We are all on a journey of preparation to see our destiny fulfilled, and in the process, God is busy working on our characters and changing favouritism into favour, as we see happening in the life of Joseph. We need to keep submitting to God’s process in our lives – exceptional favour is about to come upon the Body of Christ.