In order to redeem the time, we acquire knowledge, understanding, and wisdom which please God and bring the favour of God and man. Living like this is living a wise and effective life. This lifestyle manifests the righteousness of God and serves as a conviction to the world around us. We should absolutely not compromise, because our compromise waters down the message we convey and gives justification to people for maintaining the unrighteous lifestyle which is so prevalent in the world. We must, like God, love righteousness and hate iniquity because the result is that God will favour and anoint us. The favour of God brings higher responsibility, and to fulfill this responsibility we are enabled, sanctified, and set apart by an ever-increasing, powerful anointing. Anointing comes as a direct result of holiness and righteousness because the Holy Spirit is holy, sacred. We have been anointed to be prophets, priests, and kings. As prophets, we need to be proclaiming God’s righteousness. As priests, we need to be interceding and ministering to people. As kings we rule with authority, setting people free and delivering them from the results of their unrighteousness. As a people of righteousness, we experience the fruit of peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. This joy consists out of the personal joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction of reaching our destiny, as well as the joy of those around us whose lives have been impacted and changed because of our obedience to God. Every struggle and battle we are enduring is going to be worthwhile because God will give us total victory and anoint us with the oil of joy.