God’s presence upon and around us should be our highest priority, passion, and pursuit. His presence positions us to hear God’s voice more clearly, and there we experience a fulness of joy. During corporate worship, we are lifting God up and we become aware of His majestic presence in our midst, His train filling His temple. When we are in God’s presence, we see how big He is. This realization brings everything else into perspective as well as highlighting our own smallness and inadequacies and we realize our dependence upon Him. In God’s presence, we become aware that everything belonging and pertaining to God is utterly holy and righteous. This incredible, amazing, and holy God is drawn by- and enthroned upon our praises. His presence brings revelation of our sin and we must be open and repentant because our justification has been obtained on the cross, and not go the route of denial or self-justification. This right attitude gives God the opportunity to bring change in our hearts while standing in His presence. Being in the presence of God refreshes us and strengthens our heart, purpose, mandate, vision, and resolve while giving us the energy to carry on. We need to be continuously practicing the presence of God and be known as the people of God’s abiding atmosphere and presence.