During the last two years, the Church of Jesus Christ has been under direct assault from the enemy. Even though there had been a lot of restrictions placed upon the Church through the various levels of lockdown, God will take revenge for the negative effects (for instance upon the economy of His people) which the lockdowns have had on the Church. Though the enemy had a negative outcome in mind, the forced isolation had the result that the Church worldwide has been compelled to faithfully stand and overcome in prayer and fasting. God will use these prayers to bring forth the fulfillment of His will and purposes on the earth. He is beginning to reveal this agenda through more and more manifestations of His presence. The Kingdom is expanding and those with a vision who know the presence and heartbeat of God understand that there is something powerful happening. There is a worldwide revival coming, a society-changing revival accompanied with fire and lightning, repentance, and the literal shaking of buildings. We need the fire of God to fall in the Church once again as has happened in past revivals. The fire of God is associated with His presence and His power. This fire will bring purification, new passion and zeal, and a sorely needed restoration of the Church’s bold manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. People are at present being called up and inspired by the Spirit for more intercessory prayer towards seeing this revival spring forth. Revival will come to humble, non-institutional churches where there are no restrictions placed upon the presence of God and all the accompanying manifestations.