At the time of the book of Habakkuk, Israel was going into exile. This was judgment executed upon them for their disobedience and sins. Habakkuk was enquiring from God how that He could use a nation more evil to judge the evil in Israel. God’s reply was that any nation which He uses to execute His judgment and who then oversteps his boundaries, will be judged as well. The same is true today. All conspiracies geared toward enforcing a worldwide government will be judged and completely destroyed by God because their manipulations had a negative impact on the Church, the Body of Christ, which is part of God’s Kingdom. God’s ultimate purpose is for His Kingdom to fill the whole earth and anything coming against his purpose and plan is subject to judgment. However, it is the heart of God to rather extend mercy from the judicial consequences of sin, because mercy triumphs over judgment. Revival is God’s mercy. Revival is where God takes charge of the very atmosphere. Revival originates with God but comes through the corporate Body of Christ. The only thing we, as the Church, need to do to experience this revival is for each individual to humbly realize their desperate need for revival and start crying out to God through earnest, relentless, desperate, and wholehearted prayer. It is in this position of prayer that we will see the glory of God. This is where we will see His plan to come with revival power and then react by speaking and prophesying it into fulfillment. When we are revived, we can minister revival mercy to a dying world. One person can open the door through which the risen Lord can enter into a nation. The Holy Spirit is calling us forth unto prayer to see revival in the earth once again.