Over the centuries, the theme of revival was fire – in the Bible God is referred to as a consuming fire. Fire reveals God in action, for example when He consumed the sacrifice in the times of the Old Testament. Fire is a manifestation of God’s glory, nature, and presence. The fire of God ignites but does not consume. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we are acceptable sacrifices as we offer up ourselves unto God. To see fresh fire in our lives, we have to be the wood, the substance which attracts the fire. We need to be glowingly enthusiastic for the Lord by being more filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to reclaim our first love – love is perfected in the fire of God. We need to spend more time in God’s presence and His Word to re-kindle our fire. The safety of our souls lies in the degree of the fire it contains. In past revivals, there would be literal flames visible on the roofs of the churches where the revival was taking place. We need such an external manifestation of the fire and glory of God in our midst. The fire of God will metamorphose us into something supernatural and heavenly. There is an atmosphere shift, a change of season happening in the world and to be a part thereof, we need to co-operate with God and throw ourselves into hungry, fiery, desperate prayer speaking and prophesying this purpose of God into manifestation. People around us need to catch the fire from us because fire begets fire.