Something is stirring in the atmosphere. God is bringing to many a re-visioning, reviving, and a re-stirring of dreams and visions which have been lost. God is our father who loves us and is completely willing to come to our aid. To not miss out on what God is doing we should stay focused on- and yielded to God and not be distracted by giving in to reactions originating from the flesh. It is important to be a part of the intense and persistent prayer actions being inspired by the Holy Spirit in this time. God is raising us up to pray prophetically. This is where we train our senses to hear what God is saying about every situation and then we pray and prophesy His solution instead of complaining about problems. Prophecy is a powerful tool to create God’s will on the earth. Prophetic prayer fosters our intimate relationship with God and helps us to pray with authority and faith. When praying prophetically, we are praying in agreement with God’s purpose, it facilitates miracles and helps to sharpen our prophetic gift. It stirs our spirits, helping us grow in God. God is about to do something new, let us forget the things of the past, and reach out to the godly things which are ahead of us