There is a spirit or state of heart which facilitates a revival move of God. This spirit firstly consists of a deep need and willingness to be used by God and secondly a godly generosity. God is richly, lavishly, extravagantly, and abundantly generous as is evident from the gift of His only Son towards the full salvation of the whole world. God generously gave the Holy Spirit. He blesses the just and the unjust with abundant rain. Through the Cross of Jesus mercy triumphed over judgment, a revelation of God’s generosity. The process of learning generosity is started by obedience. God imparts to us His generous heart when we become obedient to Him by focusing on the various needs of others and releasing a flow of God in ministering to them. Although obedience is the start of generosity, it moves up to a higher level, the level of honour and royalty. This way of royalty is at the heart of revival. As a starting point, the principle of honour is developed by generously giving our finances. It is the way of royalty to give bountifully. It is the way of royalty where generous people count it a privilege, joy, and an honour, and not a sacrifice, to serve God in whatever function they are operating. It is the way of royalty to go above and beyond and be extravagant in worship and prayer, witnessing to others, reading the Word, forgiveness, giving, loving, and being non-judgmental, kind, and merciful. This is being like God. When we freely give that which we have freely received, we will be rewarded by receiving all these mercies back in abundance. These characteristics epitomize the Kingdom of God – the characteristics of perfect love. Love is the way of royalty.