Society has been changed by the pandemic but God is still the same. It is still God’s purpose to pour out His revival fire upon us. We, as the Body of Christ, should align ourselves with this purpose and run with fire, becoming a great army to meet the needs of those who do not know God. The Body of Christ can only be revived in the measure by which each individual member grabs a hold of- and experiences revival. In other words, personal revival produces corporate revival. It is important to choose to personally seek God to not miss out on what He is doing. We have already received the Holy Spirit who will enable us to see what God is doing and reach the levels He has for us. True revival is getting back to the foundation of our faith. Revival starts with a humbling of hearts in repentance and prayer. This results in clean conduits for the revival fire of God to flow through. The church is powered by prayer – the power of God will only come to a church and an individual that prays.