Let us look at the meaning of the word “revival”. Reviving something means that it has lived before. The world outside of Christianity cannot be revived, because it has not been alive before. Revival is only for the Body of Christ. The people of the world however, are the beneficiaries of the benefits which Christians gain from revival. We should actually not need revival, but it is a sad fact that many of us do. A constant cry for revival is an indication of much sin, because a lifestyle of carnality does not feed the spirit, but brings death. We need to outgrow this condition of constantly needing to be revived. We need to pray for those of us who need revival, starting with ourselves. Revival originates from hearing a living Holy Spirit infused truth, not with outward manifestations. Revival comes from our helper, the Holy Spirit, and us getting shattered from the realization of our fallen state, heartfelt repentance, and appropriating anew that which Jesus did on the cross for us. We stay revived by feeding daily on the spiritual food of reading the Bible and prayer.