If we want more from God in revival, we need to calculate the cost thereof, enlarge our hearts and decide whether we want to live in the way God requires of us. Receiving God’s grace towards further spiritual growth in vain is when you refuse to listen to Him and compromise on His principles, principles like not being separate in actions, conduct, and lifestyle from the world, being unequally yoked, being in wrong partnerships with unbelievers, or having idols. We must partake of life and not death. Participating in or associating with any sin is being contaminated with death. Living a wrong lifestyle means that a person had removed themselves from experiencing God’s blessing, as God also turns away and cannot fulfill His will and purpose. This purpose is to pour out grace unto the attainment of full manifested sonship. Such a person, although having experienced salvation and being a Christian, will experience a sub-par life. Because God has given us everything we should reciprocate by giving Him our everything. We must offer our bodies as an offer unto God, this being our reasonable act of worship, our minds being transformed and renewed. This will result in God accepting us as His people and we will receive more grace, mercy, power, support provision, and blessing from Him. Let us enlarge ourselves to the heart of God, purify ourselves from death through living by the principles of his Word, and not receive His grace in vain.