When we experience a triggered response linked to our past lives we need to remind ourselves of our righteousness in Christ and that we have been cleansed. This assists us to grow in our faith. The sacraments of Baptism and Communion serve as a visible reminder of- and a connection to God’s grace towards us through the cross of Christ. Communion is to be partaken of as an act of faith while meditating on its meaning towards us. This will make us full partakers of the sanctification, healing, and victory brought about by Christ’s offering. All the power which is in Christ is in the communion. While we consider God during the Communion, He is also considering and remembering us since our thoughts and words are recorded in heaven. We are not just a number to God but each one of us is known by- and on God’s mind continually. When He remembers us, it is not with judgment but rather extreme joy. He also remembers us because our prayers and godly works have built memorials about us before Him. Because we are a part of Christ, we are represented before God as a perpetual, everlasting memorial as well. When we partake of Communion, God not only rolls away any remembrance or residue of our past captivity to sin but He also enables us to inherit every promise which is yet to be fulfilled. God is just, to remember everything which we have done in faithfully serving Him. Communion is a time of joyous celebration.