There is a subtle difference between waiting on the Lord and waiting for the Lord. In waiting for the Lord we need to be strong, confident, and very courageous. We need to prepare ourselves for 2022 with this attitude. There are godly promises, actions, interventions, and experiences of the power of God which are laid up for us in 2022. We often fear the future because of past experiences. God is continually working in sustaining His creation, but He particularly works and has grace for those who have the right disposition of expectantly waiting on and for Him. Waiting for God is always active. It includes prayer, consulting God, and waiting on Him to get His wisdom for your situation; not focusing on the problem, but having an expectancy that God is going to do something. While waiting we must constantly confess the word and promises of God; actively trusting God, and resting in Him. When God’s instruction and strategy for the next step comes, we must act in an appropriate manner while relying completely upon Him. It is good to do something (like studying) as a preparation while waiting for God’s fulfillment of a promise or a prophetic word. Let us wait for God, for He has given us great and precious promises.