God had to send Jesus because it was the only way for us to be saved. God is the god of all of mankind, but the Father of those who have been born of Him by accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour. Jesus came for our salvation because God loved us so greatly. Jesus, being God incarnate, appeared to destroy the works of the devil, which is sin, by His birth, death, and resurrection. He could take away sin because in Him there was no sin. God made us his children, alive in Him through our new birth. Our faith in God is indicative that this new birth has taken place. Thus faith is of the utmost importance since we need faith to enter the Kingdom and also to continue therein. Our faith is not just a meaningless entity all by itself, but it has an object, which is Jesus. He came for us to be united with Him. He is the divine life within us. This life within results in the destruction of the devil’s works within us, his works being the presence and power of sin. We are no longer subject to the principles of sin and death but we are subject to the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, living without condemnation.