The river is going to flow in 2022. Change is coming – are you prepared? These are words that came from two well-known prophets for the year 2022. Change is constant in life, but some changes are life-changing, like what we have experienced in the last two years. The chaos in the world was caused by people, but the Bible calls those who are acting as if there is no God to whom they will be held accountable, fools. God WILL react to their iniquity, holding them accountable. There is nothing hidden from God. God is still in control and will use everything that people endeavour towards reaching their own iniquitous goals, to further and benefit His Kingdom. However, He is looking for those who understand that He is God and who are seeking Him. God is in their generation, the generation of the righteous. A righteous person’s righteousness will deliver himself as well as many around him as was the case in the lives of Noah, Job, and Daniel. This deliverance will also take place in our time through God’s righteous ones. There are parallels between the times of Daniel and today. As the Church is experiencing in this time, Daniel was also tempted and flattered to compromise in order to fit in with an ungodly culture. He also was part of an empire that had a goal of world domination, which is a spirit that came through every empire right up to today. But, because Daniel believed the prophecies over Israel and prayed it into fulfillment, he was a saviour to his nation. Like Daniel, we can also petition God to restore righteousness in this nation and on the earth. Daniel had certain characteristics which should also be ours in this time. There are: Firstly because we know God, we will be a people of spiritual power able to do great exploits. Secondly, we should also be a people of purpose. Thirdly a people of principle and fourthly a people of prayer. When these characteristics are fully in place in the Church, the river will flow and we will be prepared for change. We are living in unique and momentous times, let us stay fully reliant on and submerged in God.