God wants us to know Him and it is of prime importance for us to continually broaden our intimate knowledge of who He is. The whole reason why He sent Jesus was to reveal, unveil, and disclose the mystery of who He was. He wants us to know him as God in all of his omniscience, power, wisdom knowledge, etc., but more specifically He wants us to know Him as our Father. Knowing God is essentially a gift of grace. God understood that we could not know Him since our natural minds were chaotic, dark, finite, broken, and unable to understand God. We needed to be given the light, life, and wisdom of God through His Spirit and to see His Glory in Christ, to understand who He is, know Him better, and love Him wholeheartedly. Knowing God is personal since He is a person in every conceivable way, not an abstract entity or theology. The deeper our relationship with Him is, the stronger we are and the more exploits we will do. From God’s perspective, we are married to Him and an involvement of the same measure is required from us. This relationship with Him is reciprocal and intimate. To know God is to love Him and that makes obeying His commandments easy. Eternal life springs forth from knowing God. Knowing God is not just a theory, but it involves our minds and will, and is deeply emotional. To know Him better, we need to live the whole spectrum of our lives with God, receiving His grace, getting to know Him through the Word, seeking Him in prayer and worship, and by complete dependence upon the Spirit.