There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing Him. The first is merely information and the second is an intimate relationship. This relationship gives power, but God also wants us to have character. Getting to know God will have as a result that we get to know ourselves. Knowing who we are in Christ enables us to handle the adversarial things in life. When God’s light highlights something in us which is not according to His word, we can know that He is dealing with it in His unique way and strengthening us in that area. We also need godly people in our lives to alert us to what needs to change in us because we are in the process of God building a godly character in us. God sees our potential and destiny and by giving us prophetic words, He is encouraging you to know Him and thereby yourself, and see that potential become a reality. Just knowing about God contains no glory but getting to know Him results in our glorifying him as God, having enlightened minds and hearts. The futile thinking of a dark and unregenerate mind is fruitless, but being enlightened brings an understanding of who you are in Christ and positive results in your life. When we experience His love for us, we are also enabled to love ourselves, embracing our new nature. We can love our enemies when we love ourselves. Realizing who we are will give us victory in battle.