Today is the time for harvest, the time for every unfulfilled prophecy and dream to come to pass, negating the effect that the pandemic has had on the Church of Jesus Christ as well as the world. This is the time for a quickening (life) to take place. The essence of life is increase and growth. Increase is a principle of God and that is His will for each one of us. The river running through the Garden of Eden was depicting God and the life coming from Him to give growth. The river is divided into four, the meaning of the names of the four branches being increase, bursting forth, rapid, and fruitfulness. The prophet Isaiah said there would be no end to the increase of the Kingdom of God. Where Isaiah talked about desolate cities being inhabited, it was speaking prophetically about places that we have not yet occupied, or promises and visions not yet fulfilled. To see this fulfillment, we need to live according to and align ourselves to the principles in God’s word – this is wisdom. It was prophesied that the powerful Word of God was going to increase and prevail; that it would make progress, advance, infiltrate, overcome, conquer and penetrate this world. The first way in which the Word increased was that it was planted in the disciples and as they moved from knowledge to wisdom to favour, the result was that they became more powerful. The second way in which the word increased was the fact that others came to Jesus through the word and the word was also increasing in them. Thus the Word infiltrated and overcame the whole world. The Word of God is so powerful because it is an active word of grace, faith, life, and hearing. When the Word dwells in you richly, it has become flesh and you are a living epistle from God. 2022 Will be a time of increase and multiplication in every way.