For many Christians the fact of their salvation is real, yet they do not really have a close relationship with God. Knowing God is eternal life. God has made it possible and easy to know Him, but we have to put in a little bit of effort towards this. For our relationship with Him to keep developing, we need to firstly have the correct theology regarding Him – that He is good, kind, gracious, and our Heavenly Father who is totally for us and not against us, that we have moved from being sinners to saints, servants to friends, nobodies to sons. We are sons in identity, a bride in intimacy, functioning as servants yet friends with God. God wants a relationship with us more than what we do with Him. However, the basis for all relationships is trust. Without trust the intimacy in a relationship becomes threatening. While embracing the correct theology about God we are in a process of having our hearts healed from flawed relationships many have had with their earthly fathers, enabling us to trust our heavenly Father. Practical steps to take in growing a relationship with God are: prioritize Him or make time for Him, know Him by studying and personalizing His Word, have frequent conversations with Him in various kinds of prayer, practice the awareness of His presence until His presence abides, spend time with others who walk with God and be patient and persistent in pursuing friendship and a relationship with God. We need to know God closely and intimately to powerfully impact, influence, and change the world around us.