There is nothing like being still, becoming aware of and getting lost in God’s presence, and getting to know His heartbeat. In the times when we experience adverse circumstances, this is the place where we find strength, refreshing, and answers. God also loves our presence and is jealous of the times that we spend with Him. He is pleased with us and knows our names. It is the powerful presence of God that makes a difference and changes everything around us. God’s dwelling place is with us, we are the carriers of His presence and that is what everyone around us needs. In the presence of God there is peace, fulness of joy, protection, guidance, and power. In His presence burdens are lifted, we are transformed into His image, we experience healing, miracles, abundance, and prosperity, as well as an endowment of boldness. When it is a struggle to experience God’s presence, remember your identity as a son and that the sacrifice of Jesus paved the way for us to boldly enter into the Father’s presence. Spend time with God, get a hunger for more of His presence, get rid of worry, condemnation guilt and shame, come before Him with faith, use your imagination, respond to His presence and allow Him to sometimes interrupt your day. He wants us to experience His presence.